There was this weird moment where I thought it was going to be all right, too, you know? I mean, there was the moment she kissed him, she pulled away, there was the weird tonal dissonant space where the show flipped into rape (dissonant even for the show, which doesn’t care about female consent of course but does care about Jaime the dude’s character likability, dissonant within its own scene). And the kiss was strange and rough but there was the moment of her stroking his cheek and I thought, this isn’t right, this isn’t well-written or well-characterized or emotionally legitimate, but this isn’t going to be—

But no, the scene was about throwing Cersei to the ground and tearing her clothes off and making her cry. Like, well, like Cersei’s entire in-book sex life outside of Jaime. Outside of Jaime, with Jaime as her sole and emphatic solace and the one time it gets to be about her ever experiencing sex without violation.

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This episode of the Amazing Race is royally pissing me off. Teams pretty much doing tasks for other people, getting so butt hurt over U-Turns and all the constant praying/God is rooting for you at the road block. Say it with me people IT’S A FUCKING RACE

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